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Gender Equality & Women's NGOs & Charities in Gambia, Page 1
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  Agency For The Development of Women & Children
ADWAC is a rural development organisation which aims to elevate the social & economic status of Gambian women & the young through small loans, adult education, healthcare, schooling, HIV awareness campaigns.

  Agency For Village Support
Janjanbureh, Kaur Wharf Town, Central River Region
AVISU is a grassroots charity & Banjul registered NGO working to empower & increase the capacity of women in rural village communities to aim towards equality with men.

  Association For The Advancement
of Women Entrepreneurs

Banjul capital
AAWE is a non-profit private sector organisation representing businesswomen in various fields.

  Association For Gambian Women Empowerment
The AGWE is a civil society organisation & grassroots capacity building institution aiming to elevate the socio-economic status of its members.

  Association for Promoting
Girls & Women's Advancement

APGWA is a Serrekunda based NGO founded by a gender activist & works in 90 rural villages campaigning for their rights & against the traditional practice of FGM.

The Gambia Foundation for Research on Women's Health, Productivity & the Environment is a Banjul based charity & non-governmental organisation fighting for their socio-economic rights & against female genital mutilation.

  Campaign For Development & Solidarity
Bakau, Garba Jahumpa Rd., Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
FORUT is a charity from Norway founded in 1981. It aims to improve the standards of living of poor females & the young, through vocational training, health education & anti-substance abuse programs.

  Forum for African Women Educationalists
FAWEGAM, in Kanifing South, is a Banjul registered, Pan-African, non-governmental organisation promoting girl's schooling, mentoring & clubs with the goal of raising the academic standards of girls education.

  Gambia Girl Guides Association
Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda, Banjul area, Kombo
The TGGGA provides girls with several training programs & activities aimed at encouraging self-reliance, national development & civic duties among its members.

  Gambia Home Economics Association
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Old Jeshwang
The GHEASC operates a skill training centre in Old Jeshwang to teach girls & women between 12 & 24 years old needlework, dressmaking, English, math, cooking, Tie & Dye, nutrition, laundry & hotel management.

The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women & Children is a gender based NGO that campaigns against female genital mutilation & promotes social, educational, political & reproductive rights.

Kanifing Industrial Estate, Ksmd, Western Region
This is a microfinance institution providing savings & micro-loans to women's groups & individuals as well as business consultation & advice.

  National Women Farmers Association
Kairaba Avenue, Fajara M Section
NAWFA aims to establish commercially viable agriculture & enhanced food security in order to take them out of subsistence farming & onto cash crops leading to greater self-sufficiency.

  Saint Martha's Society
The charitable organisation, founded in 1973, teaches girls & young women skills at their skills training centres in Bakau, Banjul, Fajikunda, Serrekunda & Lamin Village. It aims at promoting self-sufficiency & capacity building.

  Self-Reliant Development Association
140 Bundung Highway, Kanifing Municipality
SERDA is an NGO founded in 1995 & fund local community projects such as skills training for women, garden crop horticulture, poultry farming & nursery schools.

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Above you will find background information details on the list of various civil society organizations (CSOs), their intervention areas, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the west coast region, Kombo District & up river areas of The Gambia, West Africa.

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