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Consulate of Gambia in Warsaw, Poland
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Contact Address Details:

Gambia Consulate
Honorary Consul: Mr. Dariusz Nowak
Efraima Schroegeranr 72 m.
Warszawa (Warsaw)

Tel no: +4822 8642832

Fax: +4822 8642833


Mission Opening Hours:
Wednesday: 2pm - 8pm


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The Consulate of the Republic of The Gambia is in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

Visa Section:
The citizens of the following countries do not require an entry visa: Australia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Iceland, and other countries (check with their office) on the condition that the validity of their passports is more than six (6) months.

Photocopy of the residential permit - N.A. for Polish subjects.

Photocopy of the pages No. 2, 3 and the last page of your passport.

Proof from the Travel Agency pertaining to the purchase of the return air ticket or photocopy of the return air ticket.

2 passport-sized photographs.

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