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Entry Requirements for Gambia
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Visa Requirements:
There are no visas required to gain entry from flights into Gambia for UK citizens, full members of the EU, ECOWAS members, Commonwealth countries and nations with a reciprocal visa abolition agreement where your trip to Gambia is not beyond 90 days.


Citizens of the US require an entry visa with at least 1 blank page on their passport for the stamp. The above rule applies for visitors on business or vacation. Passport validity should be for at least 6 months. One way flights are usually not permitted and special permission should be sought from the embassy or consulate based in your country.

Citizens of other countries should hold a valid visa which can be obtained from the various Gambian consulates and embassies in the following capitals: London, Washington (DC), Paris, Brussels, DakarHavana, Rabat, Freetown, Taipei, Lagos,  Riyadh and Bissau. The visa is usually valid for 30 days (do check). Please note that if you are travelling from yellow fever infected zone then you are required to produce a vaccination certificate.

Last Minute Arrivals:
Those travelers who arrive on short-notice will be allowed entry into the country however, they are required to submit their passport in Banjul at the Department of Immigration in less than 48 hours to be issued a visa.

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Length of Authorised Stay:
When you arrive at Banjul Airport's immigration control your passport is usually stamped with a tourist visitors visa which permits the holder to be in the country from either 15 or 21 days.

You may make a special request to stay for up to 28 days.  Should you wish to stay longer than 28 days then it can be extended on a monthly basis for a maximum of 3 months which is done in the Banjul capital at the Immigration Department office (Tel: +220 422 7249) which is on OAU Boulevard. There is a small fee for this service for each extra month.

Rules & regulations on visas and immigration do change from time to time so you are advised to seek clarification from within your own country before making any travel decisions and departing to The Gambia.

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