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Black & White Safari

Banjul area
Sarges Hotel Ground Floor Plaza
Kanifing Municipality, Kmc
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 9947255


Proprietor: Amadou Jobarteh

From the Senegambia Strip turn left on the first road before the Kairaba Hotel and the firms is 50 metres on you right side.


The Black & White is a fully insured and licensed ground tour operator which was established in 2013 to provide flexible itineraries and customized trips for holidaymakers to The Gambia.

Four Wheel Drive:-
This is a day trip within the area which gives you the first impression about the Gambia. It starts from a visit to the famous Kachikally Crocodile Pool which gives you an opportunity to stroke a crocodile, visit the museum about Gambia's cultures and histories. The next stop takes you to Serrekunda, the biggest town in the Gambia, where you can enjoy a wonderful walk in the local market to see how local women go about their daily lives tying to earn a living.

The next stop will be at a local school where you can learn something about the education system in the Gambia. There will be another stop at the wood carving factory to learn how skilful the carvers are and there is a wide range of carvings for sale. There will be another stop at a local village where you can see how local people live and the family system in the Gambia. The next stop will be paradise beach for lunch and swimming and our last stop will be at the Tanji fishing village where the local pirogues will land their fish catch. Here some of the fish are smoked and dried. From there you go back to your hotel.

Nature Adventure:-
This trip also starts in the morning till in the afternoon. The first stop take you to Abuko Nature Reserve which is not a zoo but an area of 180 acres of natural vegetation populated by numerous birds, insects and animals. You have 1 and half hour walk in the reserve to see monkeys and birds, then to the orphanage, and then drive to Lamin Lodge where you will have a boat trip in the mangroves in the Tanbi Wetlands  to see nature up close and the last stop to the Bijilo Forest Park where you walk and can get very close to vervet monkeys.
Banjul Highlight:-
This is an orientation tour that takes you round to see the capital of the Gambia. You will see that this is where most of the government departments and other public offices are based. You will have a stop at the ARCH 22 which is one of our national monuments, there you will have a better view of the capital. From there you have a drive to the Albert Market where there is a range of food stuffs, clothes and also Gambian women in their colourful dresses. The final visit will be at the RTVH hospital which is the biggest hospital in the country which was built in colonial times. Lunch will be at a restaurant on the beach side nearby.

Bush / Beach Safari:-
This is a day trip that starts at the Serrekunda Market which will give you welcoming views of how amazing the market is with hoards of men and women buying and selling all manner of goods, while crowds of shoppers in colourful African garments make this market unique.

A visit to the Serrekunda Batik Factory where you can observe how the locals make tie and dye as well as batiks. Then there will be an off road drive through local villages which can be bumpy but also full of fun. During the drive you will have a stop at the biggest tree in the forest where actually they do all the bush school (elephant tree) and in here they will brief you about the history, geography, culture and tradition. There will be possibilities of visiting a termite mound and also a local family compound after which you will drive for a picnic on the beach where you will have your lunch. Your final stop of the day will be the village museum at Tanji and back to the hotel.

Gambian Home Cooking:-
This is to give you the best cooking lesson on local dishes so you are then able to cook some of the local cuisine back in your country. They take you to the local market, dressed in a traditional Gambian outfits, and help you do shopping at the local markets for the food items then take you home and give you a guidelines to cook a proper Gambian meal, after which you all sit like a family to eat your cooked Gambian food and return you to your hotel.

Makasutu Culture Forest:-
This is also a day or half day trip where you visit the tropical forest park, you will be welcome by a complimentary coffee, then a boat trip or forest walk depending on the tidal situation of the river.

Makasutu is an ecotourism destination and is located about 40 minutes from the main hotel area of Kololi. There will be a professional forest guide who will guide and educate you about the ecosystem while on the 45 minutes boat trip and the forest walk. During this tour in Makasutu you will spot baboons, different species of birds and natural vegetation. You will also be able to visit the fortune teller who does palm reading. And finally you will visit a wine tapper who will give you the opportunity to taste the palm juice and also will be demonstrating how they climb palm trees to tap the wine; you will be given the chance to try and climb up the palm tree.

Gambia River Cruise:-
This is a perfect boat trip on the river, very relaxing with a lot of fun, fishing swimming and sun bathing at the top of the boat. You will have a welcoming coffee, after which you can try your hand at a spot of river fishing. For lunch there is a buffet on the boat. This is a proper boat with all facilities like toilets and everything for fishing. During the boat trip you will see how oysters grow around the mangrove and if you're luckily you will see some of the local women collecting oysters and cockles.

Kunta Kinteh (Roots Tour) By Boat:-
This is also a day trip that kicks off from your hotel direct to Banjul seaport to join the boat with other people from different tour companies for a cruise to James Island.

First you will have a complimentary coffee or other drink along with a sandwich on the start of the cruise. There might be a chance of seeing dolphins swimming along which is always an extra bonus of the trip that make it so remarkable and unforgettable.

Upon your arrival at the Juffureh Village the guide will take you on a conducted tour to visit first the freedom pole, then to the national museum which comprises all the activities that have transpired on James Island then you walk in the village to visit the Kunta Kinteh family compound and the craft markets. This is where you will be told about the history of slave trade that started around 1456 and abolished by Britain in 1807. After that you will be back on the boat for lunch and then visit to the island and back to Banjul seaport where your transport will be waiting.

Kunta Kinteh (Roots Tour) By Land:-
This is an early start to catch up the ferry across the river to Barra then you will be driven for about an hour through local villages like a safari to Juffureh where Kunta Kinteh was born, upon your arrival at Juffureh you will have a tour at the museum, village, Kunta Kinteh family and also a boat trip to St. James island presently called Kunta Kinteh island and lunch will be at the restaurant and return to the ferry back to Banjul where our transport will be waiting.

Sunset Cruise:-
This is an afternoon trip that gives you a better view of the Gambian sunset and also lots colourful birds around the creek when itís cooler. You will have a first stop at the nature reserve where you will have a forest walk then to Lamin Lodge, which is a typical local restaurant built on one of the creeks from the main river called the Lamin Bolong, there you will visit the oyster factory, have a 2 hour boat trip on the river and finally you will have diner at a local restaurant and when finished you will be taken back to your hotel.

Georgetown 2 Days:-
This is an overnight trip which give the chance to see the real Gambia like local life, local villages, landscape and also you can have the opportunity to do a boat trip to baboon island where you may have the chance to see chimpanzees, hippos, wild crocodiles, birds, baboons, monkeys and so on. You will also visit the stone circles, then drive to Georgetown where you will have a city tour to visit the underground slave house, freedom tree, old wooden house and the slave warehouse. The night stop will be at a local camp where you will spend the night on the island of Georgetown. The following day after breakfast we will leave on the south bank with interesting stops at various points then back to your hotel.

North Senegal 1 Day:-
This trip requires an early morning departure from your accommodation and will drive you to Banjul to cross on the ferry which is a very interesting spot to see all the local people bringing all kinds of merchandise on board. Then on arrival at Barra which is also a trading post, you will have a drive to the border where you will be checked in and out of the two border posts by stamps on your passport. Then drive to Fathala National Park to see the local wildlife. This tour will take you a maximum of two hours and lunch will be on your return to Barra and then with the boat back to Banjul where the waiting transport will take you back to your accommodation.

Community Excursions:-
This is also a day trip that takes you to various sites and local projects initiated by local women within the country like visiting the horticultural crop garden at Bakau, Sukuta and Banjulinding co-operative society. This gives you a better insight as to how Gambian women work towards being more self-sufficient and also about some of the constrains like lack of fertilizer. Later in the day we will drive for lunch and back to your hotel.

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