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Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve

The protected nature reserve of Bao BolonLittle Egret (also spelt Baobolong) is located on the north bank of the Gambia River covers an area of 85 square miles and is the Gambia's largest nature reserve. It is of international importance as the government has signed the Ramsar International Wetlands convention in 1996 which re-enforced it as an important birdwatching spot.

There are various types of wetland habitats for birds including tall swamp mangroves, scrub, creeks, salt and tidal mudflats, freshwater and brackish  marshland, estuary as well as  savannah forest. The area is also an important breeding ground for fish due to its patchwork of waterways as well as rice farming by the local inhabitants of some nearby villages.

PloverLittle egrets, collared pratincole, goliath heron, African fish eagle and osprey.

Among the wildlife are Clawless otter, Nile crocodile, West African Manatee, hippopotamus, Sitatunga

Travel Information
Make all arrangements to go and visit the area with the Department of Parks & Wildlife Management at Abuko. The most ideal way to explore the area is by boat up from the main river. To get there by road you make your way up from Barra to Konti Kunda Niji.
Geographical coordinates: 1350'N - 01590'W


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