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Kiang West National Park
The Kiang West National Park was established in 1987 and is located in southern Gambia, adjacent to the river bank and is 145 kilometres from the capital of Banjul. It is one of the largest protected nature reservations in Gambia. It is around 11,00 hectares and has the largest and most diverse wildlife population. Being made up mainly of deciduous woodland and Guinea savannah there are also extensive stretches of mangrove creeks, bolong tributaries and tidal flats. Its three main areas are the bolongs of Nganingkoi, Jarin and Jali.

This varied topography and vegetation make it ideal for many animals and species of birds. These include: Nile crocodile, monitor lizards, warthog, clawless otter, marsh mongoose, patas monkeys and Sitatunga. Rarer animals include the hyenas, leopards, West African manatees and dolphins. The area is also a birdwatchers paradise with over 290 species of birds having been recorded here, including 21 raptors: vultures, harrier eagles, sandgrouse, Blue-breasted, Kingfisher hawks, White-shouldered Black Tit and falcons. An ideal spot to watch birds is Tubabkollon Point. The dirt road to Batelling from the Kwinella Tendaba highway can take you to some prime bird watching spots.

Travel Information
To get to Kiang West you use preferably a 4 by 4 suv car using the southern trans Gambia highway to Dumbuto which is the main base of the park.

Half-day and full-day guided excursions are available or around 10 for the entry fee.

Kiang Accommodation:
Up to 24 people can be accommodated with basic facilities Tel: 9860925 Email:

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