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Cape Point, Gambia
The Cape Point resort, in Gambia, is located near the beach in front of Bakau's  northern most edge called the Old Cape Road and is exactly where the beach meets the mouth of the river. It was given the name Cabo de Santa Maria by the Portuguese navigators who landed there in the 15th century. The name St. Mary was derived from Santa Maria and was later given to the island where the settlement of Bathurst (Banjul) was on.

As well as being a resort area it is also a quiet, exclusive residential area which houses the foreign diplomatic community, politicians, wealthy businessmen, old established families as well as the UN headquarters which is on the northern most road called Kofi Annan Street.

There is also 'Admiralty House' which is the British High Commissioner's residence. Because of this factor the locality is one of the safest places to live or go on holiday in Gambia as there are professional security guards and watchmen at almost every compound. Furthermore the electricity and water supplies are more stable here and you are less likely to suffer from power outages.

On the side nearest the Atlantic there are a number of hotels,Ocean Bay Hotel restaurants, bureau de change and a craft market in front of the Cape Point Hotel.

The beach area is very wide now since sand that had been lost due to years of coastal erosion was replenished in 2006. Except on Sundays, when local families come down for relaxation and sport, it is a relatively peaceful beach compared to its southerly neighbours of Kololi and Kotu areas.

For birdlife you can visit the Cape Creek which is on the Cape Saint Mary Road. It is a sanctuary with various types of habitat such as mangrove swamp, brackish mud flats, tall grasses, rhun palms & mature baobab trees. Birds that can be spotted locally include the black Kite, kingfishers, marsh harriers and ospreys.

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Places to Visit:
Bakau Botanical Gardens & craft market.
Kachikally Crocodile Pool
Bird Creek

Restaurants - Tel numbers:
African Heritage - 4496778
Chapman's - 4497653
Frank's Hungarian - 4497362
Calypso's Beach Bar & Restaurant - 4496292
Italian Connection - 9828695
Ocean Clipper - 4494265
Sand Plover - 9900231
Fang Fang (Shanghai) Chinese - 4497476


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