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The Sanyang resort in Gambia, the village and its outlying area is in Kombo South, just after Tujereng,  on the south west coast of Gambia. The coastal village has a relatively small population of 5,800 (geographical  coordinates: 13 16' 47" N - 16 44' 25" W).

There is a new off-plan real estate development called Aquasun Gardens where you can get your home built under strict supervision.

There is a wide laterite road leading directly from the village which is on the coastal road to Sanyang's (Paradise) Osprey Beach Restaurant and Pelican  Beach as well as a relatively new tarmac road leading east directly to Brikama town.

Between the main village square and the beach there are hundreds of acres of tall "koni" palms, baobabs and other mature tropical trees which are habitats for species of dwarf deer, baboons and vervet monkeys as well as other species of animals and birds. The presence of humans is relatively limited in this area however, many of these animals are increasingly in danger of disappearing from the area as humans have encroached onto their habitats through private land acquisitions and property developments which is increasingly evident all around you. There are a number of new lodges in the area as people increasingly want to stay in the area.

The first beach you reach from the dirt road is the Osprey Beach which is famous for its wide golden sands and which is named after the bar and restaurant of the same name. Here you can dine on fresh seafood bought from the nearby fishing area a 1/2 kilometre or so from there which is lined with dozens of impressive Gambian and Senegalese pirogues. Further to the north following the same road you will reach the Pelican Beach which has a couple of residential houses on the left, Kobokoto Lodge on the right and a few beach bars. The beach here is a little more rocky but no less impressive as there is a lagoon which plays host to dozens of tropical birds. A number of new hospitality establishments are currently under construction as the tourism industry moves into the region.

The local people of Sanyang are a fairly easy going lot and in the centre you will find a taxi rank lined with old, rusty "Gelle Gelle" vans, tyre repairers, hawkers selling diesel in large containers (there is no petrol station there yet) and vegetable stalls. Because of its relatively small size you will find that many dwellers at the village belong to the Mandinka "Bojang" clan including the local Alkalo whose private compound is near the centre. In 2006 the inhabitants were treated to a new power generation station therefore giving many households electrical light for the first time.

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Places to Visit:
The main reason for visiting Sanyang village is to sunbath or eat on the beach, birdwatching or going into the village and mingling with the locals.

Bars & Restaurants:
L'albero Restaurant
Osprey Beach Cub - Tel: 7775174
Marcus's Beer Garden
Rainbow Bar- Tel: 9976806


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