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The town of  Brikama (also spelt Birikama) in Gambia, is located about 38 km south east of the coastal resorts and south from the airport of Yundum. It is the capital of the Western Region and is in the Kombo Central District. It is the first major conurbation you reach when heading east towards the interior of the country so it represents a vital stop-off for many people making a long journey inland.

The main tourist attraction of the town is the Brikama Craft Market and 'factory' which produces and sells hundreds of teak wood carvings, batiks, djembe drums, masks and other souvenirs. It is located just off the main road that leads into the centre of town on the right hand side just before the petrol station. There is also a local night club frequented by the locals called Jokor at which you can occasionally listen to the performances of the young musical talents of the area. If you ask around you can be directed to a several bars and restaurants in the area for some food and liquid refreshments. Almost opposite the craft area and in the centre of town is the general market which just after the rains is stocked full of ripe fruits and all manner of imported goods being sold by stall holders.

Brikama is very useful as a stepping stone to some very interesting tourist attractions that lie not far from the town such as Pirang Forest Park, Marakissa Camp, Tumani Tenda and top class luxury lodge called Mandina River Lodge located within the privately run conservation area of Makasutu Cultural Forest on the Mandina Bolong tributary which is an area of outstanding natural beauty which took over a decade to develop.

Brikama town has traditionally been an agricultural trading hub dealing in groundnuts and palm oil. It it has an estimated population of 84,000 and its  geographical co-ordinates are 13.25N, 16.66W.

On the edge of town is a sacred grove site called the Santangba at a place called Kotokali. This is were the site of the original first settlement by the Mandinkas in the 13th century during the era of Sunjiatta Keita. The reason it is so well preserved is because locals say that there are 'Jin' living in the place and it is sacrilege to cut down trees for wood or gather its fruits.

There are a few places to eat in Brikama such as Wahatilene Restaurant and the Bantang Bantaba. For evening entertainment the locals go to Jokor Night Club in the centre of Brikama Town.

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